Control inventory and reduce food costs with Count-n-Control

Food costs are an essential factor in the success of your business. Control them more effectively with this complete food inventory management solution.

Count-n-Control lets you monitor stock levels, cost menu items more accurately, and track your sales and profits. Follow your inventory through the entire life cycle—from intake to menu preparation to sales—to get a clear view of your restaurant’s food requirements and overall profitability.

Used by cafes, restaurants, and institutional kitchens since 2009, Count-n-Control is a trusted tool that offers reliable service and robust support.

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How it works

Cost-n-Control is web-based, so there’s no software to download and no hardware to install. It’s secure, centralized, and accessible from any web-enabled computer, so even when you’re offsite, you’re always in touch with your business.

It’s easy to get started.

Simply sign up and start entering sales, stock purchases, and closing count. The powerful Count-n-Control module will use this information to calculate stock usage, sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profits.

The value of stock items is dynamically updated by the system, so stock is always valued at the latest cost and profits are calculated accurately. Customize it to fit your business

Count-n-Control is designed to fit your business.

You can assign different access levels for owners, managers, head chefs, and staff, so only some users can see certain types of data or perform certain actions on the system. All activity is logged so that you can see the changes employees make to the system. You can also choose your preferred business cycle—daily, weekly, monthly, or another customized period.

Your information is always secure

Count-n-Control uses SSL encryption—the technology used for online banking—to ensure the confidentiality of your information. The data you enter on the system is stored in a high-security data center and backed up every night to protect your business-critical data.

Control your inventory—control your costs

With Cost-n-Control, you can achieve a new level of oversight and control over your inventory costs and your overall profitability.

Use it alone or with other Run-a-Restaurant modules

Count-n-Control integrates seamlessly with other Run-a-Restaurant modules. Combine it with Write-a-Recipe for a complete solution that covers the entire food management cycle:

  • Inventory control and stock-taking
  • Recipe and menu development
  • Menu engineering and sales analysis
  • Comparison of projected and actual profits
  • Ongoing profit optimization