About Count-n-Control

Count-n-Control is a online food stock control / inventory management solution.

Count-n-Control is an inventory management system specifically designed with commercial food operations in mind.

With Count-n-Control you can monitor stock usage, enter stocktakes, track purchases, enter sales, and monitor performance indicators such as sales and gross profits.

Count-n-Control allows you to maintain a list of Stock Items, Stock Categories, Suppliers and Units by which Stock Items are measured. Each Stock Item can be associated with a Category, Supplier and Unit.

To manage/control Stock a you enter sales, closing stock counts and details of stock purchases. Count-n-Control can then track stock movement/usage in units and value. The sum of the value of stock movement can then be compared to sales as "cost of goods sold" (CoGS).

Count-n-Control is part of the Run-A-Restaurant suit of solutions. Run-a-Restaurant designs affordable, easy-to-use tools for restaurant owners and managers who want to increase profit margins and grow their business year over year.

Aston Court Hotel, Derby

John Rowland, Aston Court Hotel, Derby -

I have been using Count-n-Control now for over 12 months and I have found it an extremely useful tool for monitoring and controlling my food and liquor GP’s. Count-n-Control has met my needs and I am looking forward to working with them in the future as the system develops further.

George Belperio, Fasta Pasta

George Belperio, Fasta Pasta -

Controlling food cost is key to the success of any food operation. Count-n-Control tracks stock usage and produces meaningful operational metrics. With Count-n-Control it's easy to monitor your operation remotely from the internet making it ideal for multi-site operations. I have no hesitation recommending Count-n-Control.

Pizza Factory, London

Ahmed, The Pizza Factory -

I have found Count-n-Control to be a useful tool for tracking stock and controlling costs. It is simple to use and provides valuable information enabling me to better manage my business.

Crystal, Restaurex

Crystal, Restaurex -

I love the program! It has made keeping track of my inventory a breeze!